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Benefits of Membership

Membership of the Credit Union has many benefits....

Flexible and convenient loans

Attractive dividend on savings 

Quality service with no hidden fees

Pay into your account by standing order and watch your money grow

Your saving are covered by Financial Service Compensation Scheme


Joining is easy

Opening an Account 

To become a member you will need to complete the membership appilcation form

You can either

- Apply to join online using the link at the bottom of this page.

- Come into the office and complete a membership application form. 

You will need :

£1 as a joining fee (entrance fee)

A Photo I.D - Passport or Driver's Licence or Bus Pass

Proof of Address - a utility bill or bank statement 

About us

How It Works?

Fill out membership form
Attach Required ID
Have application accepted
Start your CU Life
Joint Account Application
Group Membership Application
Click here to join online